What do I get when I purchase a logo?

Everything that you get:
  1. The logo you designed in the SVG format
  2. 4 variations in the SVG format
    • A full black logo
    • A full white logo
    • The logo you designed without any background
    • The logo designed with the background and font colors exchanged
  3. A guide on how to use & edit SVG files
  4. Social Media Kit - When you purchase a logo from us, we try to make sure that you have everything to start using your logo immediately.
  5. Here is your logo in the PNG format, in all the sizes required by various social media sites.
  6. Favicon Set - ICO and PNG files in various favicon sizes
  7. Brand Guide - All the information on your logo you require to ensure that it is consistent in everywhere it is used

Why the SVG format?

We chose SVG as the format because:
  • It is the preferred file format for designers and professionals
  • The file sizes are small so it is easy for you to share & host
  • It scales to any size without losing quality
  • It looks great on retina displays
  • It can be edited further

Can I edit the logo after I purchase it?

Yes, once you download the logo you can open the SVG file in an editing tool such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.
In those tools you can edit everything from the symbol, font, color etc.

Unfortunately, you cannot use our tool for editing the logo after purchase.

Is there a limit to the number of logos I can generate and edit?

You can generate, shortlist and edit as many logos as you like for free. We want you to love your logo and only purchase it once you are absolutely sure so you can keep generating and creating logos until you are absolutely happy with it.

Is my logo package price a one-time or a recurring fee?

It’s a one time purchase. In fact, once purchased, you can always login to your account with us, and re-download the entire logo package as and when needed.

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